I have recently developed an Educational Pack to help my undergraduate students to develop core skills in Matchmove, CG Lighting, Kitbashing, Compositing and Rendering
Demo of Educational Pack Content
15 Bespoke video guides have been created by myself and presented as part of an Adobe Creative Cloud Express page, alongside explanations of process and industry context.  These have been developed to support in-session workshops in Digital Media, as part of the BA (hons) Media Production degree at The University of Lincoln.
Additionally, to facilitate in session learning, I have created bespoke models and textures to allow students to focus of the newly acquired VFX skills rather than on 3D modelling. This has resulted in a Kitbash/Greeble kit.
Bespoke Greeble Kit
Using Greeble or Kit Bash kits is a very common practice in the Games and VFX industries and is a good way to help students start their VFX/compositing work
HDRi Lighting Capture
Lastly, the RAW footage and HDRi lighting capture was also originated by myself to allow students to safely and widely share their outputs in their own showreels without the fear of copyright infringements. 

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